One of the First Milos


This was one of the very first sketches I did when I was first sussing out the idea for Milo Multigrain. It led, of course, to the strip wherein Milo talks about his bedtime ritual. The original idea for Milo was called “The Many Moods of Milo Multigrain.”

I drew this sketch when I was working at The Nuart theater. It was done on the cardboard backing of a sign-in sheet. Doodling, it turns out, is something of a superpower.


Milo Loves Saag Paneer


Milo may not have starred in his own strip for a little while, but he never leaves my mind. Indeed, he shows up in doodles pretty frequently; he’s shown up at my work giving instructions, in the margins of church bulletins, and even on hands and fingers. He was recently captured on film, being doodled on the paper placemat at an Indian restaurant, where he is seen enjoying a forkful of saag paneer.

Stay tuned. Milo will indeed return.